After switching back to center, Cody Whitehair vows to ‘get better as we go’

When the Bears asked Cody Whitehair to switch back to center this week, he hadn’t snapped since the Pro Bowl in January.

He looked like it Sunday — he rolled a snap to Mitch Trubisky and missed his target, both wide and high, a few more times.


“It went OK for me, but I wish I could have a couple [plays] back …” Whitehair said. “It’ll get better as we go.”

Whitehair has struggled with accuracy in the past. Last year, he changed his grip — and that seemed to help. Still, the Bears switched Whitehair and James Daniels, a college center, during the offseason.

Neither had played their old position until they changed back during practice this week.


“It’s not easy switching positions within seven days,” Daniels said, “but [offensive line] coach Harry [Hiestand] believed in me.”

Bears coach Matt Nagy didn’t want to blame Daniels for the team’s earlier offensive line struggles. He said he won’t talk to Whitehair at length about the snaps.

“I think sometimes when, whatever sport it is — if it’s golf and a golfer has the yips or you get into people, pitchers or whatever — the less you talk about it, the better it gets,” he said.