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Convoy of Arab-Israelis protesting uptick in violence in Arab sector

Convoy of Arab-Israelis protesting uptick in violence in Arab sector.
(photo credit: JOINT LIST)

Convoys of vehicles departed from Arab-Israeli towns to head to Jerusalem to protest in front of the government precinct against a recent uptick in violence in the Arab-Israeli sector on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, members of the Joint List announced that they would meet with Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan in an emergency meeting concerning the eradication of rising crime in the Arab population.

The protest in Jerusalem will be entitled “Up to Here!” The top monitoring committee for Arab public affairs called on participants to come with black flags only.

One convoy will start in the north from Majd al-Krum towards Evlayim Junction where more vehicles will join from Shfar’am. They will continue to Kafr Qara in Wadi Ara and then head south. A second convoy will head towards Jerusalem from the south that will pass through Ajami Park in Jaffa. Another group will leave from Haifa.

All the convoys will group up at 9:30 A.M. at the Latrun Junction to become one long convoy that will head together towards Jerusalem, ending up at a protest at Rothschild Square in front of the government precinct in Jerusalem.

Israel Police are making preparations to prevent disturbances, but heavy traffic is expected. The committee announced that it would provide a legal team for participants in case police tried to prevent the convoy from progressing or penalized the drivers.

According to AMAN, the Arab Center for Safe Society, 71 Arab-Israelis have been killed, including 60 men and 11 women in an upsurge of violence within the Arab sector. September was a particularly violent month with 13 cases in which Arab-Israelis were murdered.

“Today we will enter a meeting with Erdan and police leadership as the just demands of the Arab sector and tens of thousands of protestors are behind us,” said Joint List leader Ayman Odeh. “We demand that laws be enacted for punishments of jail time and heavy fines on every citizen who holds an illegal weapon and that the heads of the criminal gangs be prosecuted.”

“It can not be that we will need to break the rules in order that the government and police begin to deal with issues that endanger the lives of thousands of citizens,” added Odeh. “This is a fight for the most basic rights of every citizen: the right to life and security.”

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