As Trump plan looms, Yamina vows to oppose Palestinian state

Yamina MK Ofir Sofer said on Sunday that the Yamina union of right-wing, religious parties will oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state and any transfer of territory to Palestinian control, even if such proposals are made in US President Donald Trump’s peace plan. The White House is expected to publish the plan in the coming days, and although it is expected to be extremely generous to Israel it is also thought likely that it will extend Palestinian autonomy and lead to the formation of an entity with several aspects of statehood. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, Sofer said Yamina would have to oppose such proposals. “We will oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state and to the transfer of any region of the Land of Israel,” said the MK, adding that this has always been the position of the religious-Zionist parties.“We have opposed and will always oppose a Palestinian state,” he continued, saying that this position was one of the most basic principles of the religious-Zionist parties.Asked whether it will be difficult to oppose any demands by Trump for territorial concessions given the favorable policies he has adopted regarding Israel, Sofer said Yamina would still not be able to abandon its principles. “We have a lot of respect and appreciation for President Trump, but at the end of the day we have to be faithful to the Land of Israel,” he said. Sofer was evasive when asked if Yamina could join a government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he accepted a peace plan that includes territorial concessions to the Palestinians, saying merely that “If Yamina is in the government then there won’t be concessions.”Also on Sunday, former justice minister Ayelet Shaked of the Yamina said that the US “Deal of the Century” presents a historical chance, and “we need to make sure that [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu will take this opportunity.”We [Yamina]  have an ideological stance against a Palestinian state [being formed] and won’t recognize one,” Shaked said.