Chicago police officers honored for foiling Dollar Store robbery

Pride was in abundance Tuesday morning as loved ones gathered to honor eight Chicago cops who foiled a Dollar Store robbery, but the smiles on the faces of Robert and Betty Gorman may have topped them all.

Their grandson, Corwin Lasenby Jr., 28, was one of the first officers to enter the West Side store in late December and free three employees whose hands were bound. The accused robbers were found moments later, hiding in the store. No one was injured.


“I am boiling over with pride,” said Betty Gorman, 87.

“To see him be a police officer is a great thing to me, we’re bonded with him,” said Robert Gorman, 94, who shuffled into the Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union, 1407 W. Washington St., behind a walker. His baseball cap proclaimed his status as WWII Army veteran; he served in the Pacific where he helped transport food and ammunition, as well as the wounded and dead.

“It’s just really nice to have people around who love and support you,” said Corwin, who’s been a cop for nearly three years. “It’s all you can ask for.”


Also honored Tuesday by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation were Sgt. Jose Lule and officers Jonathan Carroll, Modesto Castellon, Jacob German, Hector Rodriguez, Jesse Santillan and Zachary Kuta.

Corwin Lasenby Sr., pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church of South Chicago — where scenes from “The Blues Brothers” featuring singer James Brown were filmed — said his son wanted to be a police officers since seventh grade.

“To see him live out his passion and help others, this is just a proud moment,” he said.


His mother, Tracy Lasenby, had her doubts about her son joining the police force.

“I was like, ‘Corwin is not aggressive, he’s a polite kid. I don’t know how he’s going to do on the street’ but he’s found his way by treating everyone with respect,” she said.