Microsoft’s November 2019 Update for Windows 10 could be out on November 12th

GET READY for a world of rolling back crappy updates, as Microsoft looks set to release the next version of Windows 10 on 12 November.

The Windows 10 November 2019 Update, previously known as 19H2 and designated Build 1909, will be the most incremental biannual update so far, appearing as a bundle of features, rather than a full build. Think of it as what we use to call a Service Pack, back in the day.


The update which is already near fully-formed and testing with the Insider (beta) programme will be proceeded by some compatibility patches that it’s hoped will make the process run more smoothly. Good luck with that, Microsoft, your reputation precedes you.

The good news for developers is there are no changes to APIs in this reduced update, and as such, anything you write for the current Build 1903 should work automatically.

The other bit of good news is that the focus in this build has been bug fixes and performance enhancement, which means it should work roughly as well as 1903 was supposed to, and a lot better than 1809.


But there are some new features too – Cortana or Alexa can now be called on straight from the lock screen, meaning as long as your machine is on, it’ll work like an Echo. This is the first build that gives such focus on assistants other than Cortana, and although Alexa is the first to be available, Apple and Google could both build and add their own if they so wish.

Calendar events can now be created straight from the taskbar, while File Explorer now has results from Windows Search, so it can suggest stuff from remote drives and the Cloud more efficiently.

There are more goodies than that, even, but many are “under the hood”, so let’s just say – battery and latency should both be better.


Our advice though, given Microsoft’s recent record? November 12th, November Smelsh. Don’t put it on your main machine until the early adopters have found the inevitable bugs. There will be bugs. μ