Police Arrest Masked Burglar After Victim Shows Him the Door

police arrested a 23-year-old burglar Friday morning after a Yesler Terrace
resident called police and said he’d found a masked man in his home.

6 AM, the victim reportedly heard noises coming from the living room of his
apartment in the 100 block of 11th Avenue, where he found a man in a
red ski mask holding electronics and what appeared to be a knife. Upon seeing
the victim enter the room, the suspect grabbed a Playstation and a laptop, and
tried to hop over furniture to get around the victim. The victim slapped the
video game console and computer out of the suspect’s hand and shouted at him to


the victim began pushing the suspect out of his home, the suspect threatened to
shoot him. Undeterred, the victim shoved him out the door, locked it, and
called 911.

arrived and spotted a 23-year-old man holding a red ski mask standing outside
the victim’s building. The man quickly began walking away from police, and
officers were able to recover a ski mask and jacket, which contained an oyster
shucker and the victim’s stolen keys and cigarettes, along with the packaging
for a pair of gloves. Police found the gloves in the suspect’s pockets.

booked the suspect into the King County Jail for burglary.